May is promotion month – 4 Sticker lovers


My Etsy shop has opened and I am giving away extra stickers/products this month to all my amazing customers. You never know what you’re gonna get!
I offer great and inspirational content for those who are or would like to tap into their “joy frequency” in order to enjoy life, encourage others and dream big! This is a personal journey for myself and part of my own dreams coming true. All my products are made with love. I enjoy every moment of preparing all sticker packages and I am confidant you will enjoy receiving them!
We are in a digital age, but handmade arts and crafts are a unique and joyful experience when you make them and give them away.
If you’re not sure about my products, buy a small package that wont cost much and test out the experience I am offering when you receive my products. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Ready to send yourself or someone you care about a special motivational sticker package?!

Here’s the shop web address:

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Have an amazing day and never give up on your dreams!!!!  Express yourself with stickers not tweets for a change!

For Boys:
Not all boys like stickers but your girlfriend will. Buy them for her, tell her “I miss you” or “I love you” with heart stickers. She will appreciate them!

For Married Couples/Families:
A wife who receives an “awesome wife” sticker will truly appreciate it.
Or a husband who receives a “supportive husband” sticker.
There are sticker themes that include word messages for your grandparents, kids and husband and wife.