Happy Farm Stickers


I am really excited about a new sticker theme called ‘Happy Farm’ that i am working on. My dream is to have an off-grid sustainable home/raw food cafe where I can work out of. I am currently learning about gourmet raw foods, farming techniques, technology and sustainable building.

This new sticker theme includes fruit stickers and happy poached and sunny side up eggs. There will be vegetable stickers as well as animals such as chickens, cows, pigs and sheep. The animals are not used on the farm for slaughter, but instead for plowing and other natural means of sustaining a farm, specifically creating ongoing healthy fertilizer. The chickens are happy and free-run/cage-free, so they produce happy chicken eggs that are good for our health, unlike regular eggs.

This fun and educational package also comes with a small hand made journal titled, “My Visit To The Farm”. Kids can write in this journal about their experiences on a farm, including a visit to the local apple orchard.

This is a great package for teachers or parents (during summer vacation) – kids can learn about animal food health and safety.

There’s lots to learn about the food we eat, farming, including gardening, and kids will love to play in the dirt! They’ll also love to use the stickers and journal after their trip to the farm or orchard. It also comes with a small envelope (or bag) where kids can put items they collect as souvenirs from the farm. I recommend this theme to everyone of all ages! I’ll be updating this post with a link as soon as it’s ready to go on Etsy.



SERIES ONE Stickers now available on etsy: